Senate higher-ed committee holds confirmation hearings for college trustees

Bailey with Skagit Valley College TrusteesToday the Senate Higher Education Committee held public hearings on the appointments of nine people to community and technical college boards of trustees. The committee’s chair Sen. Barbara Bailey, said she’s making it a priority to set aside committee time for such hearings – something that hasn’t been done in years.

“There are people serving as trustees who were appointed but did not go through the Senate confirmation process. Although these hearings take time away from other things our committee could do, I see it as an honor if not a duty to meet the visionaries chosen to serve as leaders of our colleges, and have the opportunity to be the first step in confirming their appointments.

“It’s not clear why this tradition was set aside for several years – maybe it was a concern about the time commitment – but I’m bringing it back,” said Bailey, R-Oak Harbor, who serves the 10th Legislative District. “It was particularly gratifying that the nine appointees who met with us today included two members of the board of trustees for Skagit Valley College, which is located in our legislative district. It is a great comfort to know that we share a similar vision and passion for higher education, and that our community and technical schools are serving our students and state well.”

Today’s hearing allowed committee members to hear trustees explain their interest and qualifications for the positions and plans they have for their respective colleges. The final step in the process has the full Senate voting whether to confirm their appointments based on the committee recommendations.

Trustees serve a five-year term at community and technical colleges. There are 64 trustees who have yet to receive Senate confirmation and many are nearing the end of their terms.

Coverage of today’s hearing in Bailey’s committee may be found by clicking HERE or by visiting

PHOTO CAPTION: Sen. Barbara Bailey stands with appointed trustees from Skagit Valley College, Lindsay Fiker (left) and Christon Skinner (right).