Senate approves capital budget investing in schools, jobs and future

The state Senate approved a bipartisan capital-budget proposal today for 2015-17 which builds over 2,100 classrooms, devotes $60 million to local-government infrastructure projects statewide and invests in state parks and trails. The plan would fund the acquisition, construction and maintenance of capital assets across Washington – such as schools and projects to promote economic growth.

“The proposal will now go back to the House for consideration but this is a strong budget for our community,” said Bailey. “We are boosting local investments, creating jobs and promoting significant economic development.”

Significant projects, totaling over $65 million for the 10th legislative district include investments for local government such as $2.5 million for the Oak Harbor Clean Water Facility and community programs like $1.2 million for the Stanwood Camano Family YMCA.

The Capital Budget proposed by the Senate also makes significant investments toward conservation efforts with $500,000 for Glendale Shoreline Access and Restoration and over $36 million for various state Conservation Commission projects.

You can click here to view a list of projects and locations that are funded in the Senate’s proposed capital budget.

The Senate proposal directs $254 million more to public schools than the House proposal, the Senate plan seeks to support student-achievement efforts by building additional classrooms for kindergarten through third grade.

“This capital budget works in concert with our priorities by investing nearly $1 billion over the next six years to build over 2,100 classrooms for students. This proposal is also significant because it funds public-works-board projects which supports local infrastructure and provides family-wage construction jobs.”

The legislation is a striking amendment to Engrossed House Bill 1115 which was approved by the Senate Tuesday.