Property Tax Relief

Jan. 29, 2019

image 1Greetings from Olympia,

Rising property values have made it increasingly difficult for homeowners with limited incomes to stay in their homes. With record revenues coming to the state for the past several budget cycles, I’ve worked hard to provide property tax relief.

While those efforts were unsuccessful in past years, legislation that I’ve co-sponsored with Sen. Randi Becker, R-Eatonville, will have a public hearing this Thursday, Jan. 31st in the Senate Ways and Means committee at 3:30 p.m. Senate Bill 5390 would provide a property tax break to qualifying seniors, veterans and the disabled. This important bill will help many of our neighbors and I encourage you share this, and come testify!

Here’s what the bill doesProvides a valuation freeze and state property tax exemption on the primary residence for veterans, seniors and the disable, if the home’s value is below the county median value, or the combined household income is under $100,000. Recipients of the exemption must have lived in Washington for at least 15 years to qualify. This bill also includes a  study to ensure that we are keeping people in their homes.

pageWork with me in Olympia

I’m excited to announce that the Senate Page program is now accepting applications for the upcoming legislative session that begins in January.

The Page program is a great way for students, who are at least 14 and younger than 17, to see the inner workings of state government. In addition to working directly with me, they will meet students from all around our state for a week-long civics education like no other. Pages even receive a small stipend during their time at the Capitol.

Now, you can easily apply online. Click here for more information about the program and to apply. Please share this information with interested students and parents.

It is an honor to serve as your state Senator. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office with any questions or concerns regarding your state government.



Barbara Bailey,

Your State Senator