Fighting for Skagit

The Legislature approved the long-awaited ‘Hirst-fix’ bill and state capital budget late Thursday evening. Sen. Barbara Bailey voted in opposition to the Hirst-fix legislation, Senate Bill 6091 and for the state’s construction budget, unlocking resources for community building projects.

Unfortunately, the Hirst bill did not do anything for Skagit. I could not support the bill, though I applaud the efforts of our negotiators to bring relief to other rural parts of Washington, I must stand up for my constituents.

Residents of Skagit County are no stranger to water issues, facing similar challenges presented by the flawed Hirst decision that all but halted rural economic development. Democrat negotiators left Skagit out of the household well solution at the request of the tribes.

Let me be clear, I am a staunch supporter of property rights and the ability for property owners to drill a well on their property. This compromise legislation does help some of those affected by the 2016 Hirst decision that has all but halted rural development. However, it does not do nearly enough for our neighbors in Skagit County.

Please watch my remarks on the Senate floor discussing the Hirst-fix and our community.