Bailey votes for ‘no-new-taxes’ budget

After debate all night Thursday and working into early Friday morning, the Senate approved its budget proposal Monday afternoon that invests in education, cuts college tuition and protects essential services.

“The people in my district have been very clear that the state should live within its means,” said Bailey after the vote. “With $3 billion more coming to our state without raising taxes, this budget makes needed investments in education and prioritizes spending going forward.”

The budget adopted by the Senate puts more money into funding education by a 3-to-1 margin, invests more than $70 million into mental-health services and includes property-tax relief for the state’s senior citizens, small businesses and families.

“The state’s budget has grown by nearly 9 percent and we can fund the real priorities of state government without raising taxes,” said Bailey. “The House of Representatives’ approach to raise taxes first is misguided and not what the people of this state expect.”

“I’m proud to support this budget that prioritizes education,” said Bailey. “Of course we cannot fund every legislator’s pet project but we can put our resources toward priorities that give us the best outcomes. That’s what this budget does. We cut tuition costs, which provides tax-relief to middle-class families, and continue to protect our state’s most vulnerable citizens.”

Budget negotiators will now work to reconcile differences between the House and Senate no later than Sunday, April 26 for the Legislature to conclude its 105-day session on schedule.