Bailey unanimously elected to Senate leadership team

Sen. Barbara Bailey has been elected to the Senate majority’s senior leadership team ahead of beginning her second Senate term in January.

Members of the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus met Tuesday to select their top leaders for the next two years and tapped Bailey to serve as majority whip, the fourth-highest position in the caucus. Bailey, re-elected Nov. 8 to serve the 10th Legislative District for four more years, will continue to work on critical policy issues such as higher education, health care and the budget, while taking on the new responsibility of working on the Senate majority’s larger policy priorities for the state.

“I am honored that my colleagues elected me to this important position,” said Bailey, R-Oak Harbor. “The day-to-day duties of the whip are critical to getting the Senate’s business accomplished, but now I will have an opportunity to provide leadership on broader issues for our state and district.”

In addition to working with the majority leader, floor leader and caucus chair to direct caucus priorities, the whip works to secure attendance of caucus members for floor votes, acts as a single point of contact for vote counts, and assists the floor leader in communicating procedural votes.

“It is so important that legislators are present and ready to vote,” Bailey said. “The coming legislative session will present many challenges that will shape the future of our state. That work can’t be fully realized unless we are all engaged.

“I look forward to taking on this new leadership role within the caucus to ensure the important work on the Senate floor moves seamlessly, and that my district has a greater voice in state policy” Bailey added.